Friday, April 11, 2008

No friends on the top?

As one grows in an organization the one constant complain people have "its lonely on the top". I have heard managers telling me that they dont have friends. I believe its a choice they make, a conscious decision to keep distance from the crowd around.

I cant keep away, My very basis of existence is to relate to people, accept them and make them part of my expanding world. Yeah there are problems and issues, I know its there..coming by...I tackle them and then let go any bitterness

So out of 100 people I meet if there are 2 people who bother me and make my life miserable. I am still happy that I have the 98 people who are aligned. The others werent bad just that probably their thoughts, value systems, dreams werent aligned to mine. I let them go on their paths.

A bad incident occurs and then a strong decision is made.."I got hurt so many times so I am cold and keep away."
I am ok to take the risk of getting hurt but want to be warm and allow people to enter my realm