Monday, October 30, 2006

Self Control and Self Discipline

On the weekend I decided I needed to shed all laziness and self indulgence. I decided to start with food. Self Control on food. I didnt eat anything for 9 hours and well nothing happened ;-)
Infact I could sense a focus and meaning to life. There were further good effects. I did meditation before sleeping, spent some time in Pranayama the next day and at work I was able to do focussed reading of training material which I wasnt able to do for some weeks.

Self Control & Discipline is to respect oneself and set goals. In Landmark technology (for my friends at Landmark) its being unreasonable. Going beyond reasons. When we want to be comfortable we easily give a lot of reasons and excuses which can all be thrown to trash.

So start your day afresh "Love yourself". Set some goals like shedding a bad habit and feel all the goodness flow in :-)

Check out this site I discovered:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nidhi enjoying the party

Nidhi enjoyed the songs and danced to some tunes..:-)

Route to work

Really like my drive to work, check some pics

Amit's b'day - as the party progresses

Some action fotos on Amit's b'day :-)

Amit's B'day

Check out fotos of Amit's b'day. Other than the b'day boy, Anurag, Anand, Sonu, Monu, Aseem, Nidhi & I were part of the celebration.

Some fotos of Nidhi

Check these fotos in ghagra and some fotos with real funny expressions :-)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Diwali Lights

Diwali was special this time for Nidhi as she had her grandparents around. Also we visited her cousins who stay close by. She was terrified when she saw/heard Diwali fireworks being played. So I didnt bother to play any crackers this time. Decorated the house with lights as usual. Check the fotos

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


My daughter Nidhi and her neighbour Het are the best of friends now. They enjoy time together, playing games, cycling etc. They can spend 3-4 hours with each other and never tire and when we try to get them back to their homes they would cry and fight. A few days back i got Nidhi her milk to drink, Heth snatched it from my hand and held the bottle for Nidhi to drink, check out the foto. They have their share of fights and hitting each other too :-)

Shifting to own house

So after a long wait of 3 years we finally moved to our flat. Ths joy of arranging and beautifying the new place is tremendous. It sometimes does get a little trying but its certainly worth the effort.

Now we are almost through with most of the setting up, still need to install some designer lights :-)

New job

I am enjoying joining a new job, a different role and totally new environment. Tho' things may not be as comfortable moving out of one's comfort zone, I am actually enjoying the daily learning.

There is a freshness in the air and huge scope to learn and perform in a new way. I have great love and fondness for my last company. I like what all it has given to me. I never wanted to leave out of frustration but rather just looking at a new opportunity as is and not because of hatred towards the old job. Frankly there was no reason to do so as I had the best of times in terms of professional and personal life in my earlier job.

Here I am looking forward to work and to contribute to the organization