Monday, June 06, 2011

Baba Ramdev, educated society and religion

There are lot of ignorant educated people out in India who think that Yoga is to do with religion. I got one guy commenting on twitter that "I don't have anything do with a man who wears a saffron attire"

Yoga is to do with the body and the mind that leads to spirituality. Dear friends religion and spirituality are not the same. In fact religion is where you follow a book of rules, while spirituality is just about an experience of an healthy body and mind.

I have never been in favor of Baba Ramdev's speeches on issues, not because he didnt have a good agenda in place. He has a very simplistic approach to solve huge societal issues that cannot be done by in manners he executes them. Further his style may also not be very attractive as he isnt as suave an educated English speaking society in the cities would look at it. :P

When Baba Ramdev started his fast, I was not keenly following it but I happened to see the lathi charge late night when we got back home after a happy Saturday night partying. It was certainly shocking and exposed what the government can get at.

While tweeting I didn't see any of the people there really getting together to raise their voice against the police brutality instead they mocked Baba Ramdev, his garb, his escape and the happenings. Mr. Anna Hazaare was not part of Baba Ramdev's fast  but after the Government action through the police, he has shown his support to Baba Ramdev because one can see "Something is terribly wrong" and as responsible citizens we shouldn't act ignorant :)

And when I saw my friend Arul's status, I was happy to know one person got it :)

"Arul (Ta'fxkz) Baliah: Ramdev has said that yoga cannot be limited to physical exercises, that it also a way to cleanse the soul and the society Regardless of his motivations, I have to agree with that sentiment. The ancient paths of the spiritual seers were not a bunch feel good practices but actual revolution, war and great personal risk. ("

And who wants a revolution, who cares. Arent we so comfortable doing what we do everyday??

Wake up you illiterate educated fools!!!