Friday, March 30, 2007

AOL Bhajans!

Sharing some AOL Bhajans I am enjoying lately :)


Lambodara Hey Vigneshwara
Shambo kumara Vigneshwara
Ambika Tanaya Om kareshwar
Hey Ramba Hey Ramba Vigneshwara

Mourya re bappa mourya re (Low , High )
Ganapati Bappa Mourya, Mangal Moorthy Mourya


2. Jai Guru OmKara
Jai guru omkara, Jaya Jaya sadguru omkara, om 2

Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva 2

Hara Hara Hara Mahadeva, Shiva Shiva Shiva Sadashiva 2

Jai guru omkara………………..

Sadguru Omkara.wma

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Love me Tender

Love me but love me tender babe
Hold me close and secure
But not so tight to hurt me babe

I’m a flower in your hands
You call me beautiful and lovely
Don’t try to crush it with your love

Don’t kill the love with your craze
Lest we lose it forever
& dwell on memories never to return

[This poem is not meant for anybody, please dont ask me any questions on that :)]

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some events..:)

Yesterday decided to get back home early around 4pm from office instead of taking the 5:40pm shuttle. Went out of the building in search of an auto, which isn’t easy to get on the outer ring road. There is a continuous stream of speeding vehicles and one may find it very difficult to get an auto. I am a little positive... :) so just lug my backpack and out on the long stretch of road waiting for an auto.

That was enough of an introduction. If it was Sridhar, he would get so impatient like "why all this background", "what actually happened ..? :) (now I extended it more for you guys, he he)

I finally see an auto coming by and 3 school students get out. It’s strange on that road. Anyways I wave at the auto guy to check and he waves back positively. Till then I see a lady in a Maruti car asking me from a distance if I need a lift. I signal her I don’t and point to the auto. I rush to the auto, tell him my destination and get in. I watch that the lady still waiting for me to get in, in case the auto guy refuses.

I was planning to thank her if this auto guy catches up with her...anyways that doesn’t happen. As I start enjoying the auto ride, (which I do as I travel a lot in the autos at Bangalore..:)), I see 2 certificates from top police official, Vijay Kumar Sinha and Ashutosh Kumar. It was written in all Kannada....and since I have learnt Kannada can read it with ease though trying to comprehend can be tough. I understand that this was certificate of appreciation for retuning a Dell Laptop and other important papers left by a passenger.

When I reached home, I asked the auto guy (his name if I remember right was Ravi Shankar) if that certificate was for returning the Dell Laptop. He was impressed that I could read Kannada...because my spoken Kannada is bad..:) I told him how impressed I was with his act because its rare one.

One eventful day worth sharing on this blog :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fear me? :-)

You cant evade me.
Try you may in reality
not in your dreams
0r your wakeful thoughts

Why run from me, why fear me?
I am the one you loved
the one You held
I dont mean harm

We dont need each other
We never did
We never would
Who needs any one anyway?

Love has no future
it has no past
its not about passion
Why care whats it about?

Give me your fear
and I give u this gift
Wrapped in this wish
life be happy for you
whatever road you choose

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dad's favourite quote!

Lord, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Gratitude for everything!

Gratitude for the little things. Today decided to practise this and see how it can change my perspective.

Took a taxi to work as was not too well and had to be phyically in office for some hardware procurement work for our lab. The Taxi guy charges are really high and I was a little bugged but then thought this is a good opportunity to practice gratitude.

So while in the way, just thought about how thankful I am to have this nice person to drive me to work. Then the thought flashed 'damn he is taking good money for it'. Then I thought 'Well he is doing his job and doing it good and I must thank him'

When I reached work, I asked him "Aapka naam kya hai?". He told me "Ravi". I gave him the money and told him "Thank You Ravi". He was beaming. Also advised him on a short route to get back, he flashed a smile.

Hope to do this more and enrich my life. The Power of Gratitude!! :-)
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cut the crap...!

Arent we always "looking good"? Sometimes even when I blog I am so conscious about how gud it will look when my readers review it...

What the hell..? Am I not losing my me then...lemme just cut the crap and say things I wanna say the days I wanna aint always have to be sugar coated huh..infact why any time..
Just be the bitter me..and receive the love from the readers I was looking at...

Thats what I did when I wrote my post on 'Racism in India'....and so many loved it..why bcos it was more genuine than anything I wrote in my blog till date...:-)

I knew ppl wudnt like things I said but I still wrote it. I knew some would say she doesnt love her mother-in-law but I knew it wasnt abt hate or love. Also I knew some would think I have a problem with e'thing but I still wrote it...

And whats permanent...nothing..not even our negative emotions, our let it out once in a while folks..and lemme do it too :-)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We fear people

Its strange but true that we have an aversion from 90% of the people we meet. We fear people so much like every one is after to kill us. Ppl dont want to take the risk of making friends. Making friends?...we dont attempt to talk and the least make eye contact

These fears which we keep in us bcos of our past experiences....strikes on the face like a serpant...hissing...the deep rooted fear and we run, far away from the human as if he was an alien..
Hey dear he is human..just like u ..dont fear him...

Its worth a risk...loving another human, accepting someone as a friend, making eye contact, smiling..those are our connections in the world...keeps us alive...