Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gloomy days

There are these days when I get completely exasperated with life in general. Every day goes by smoothly and comfortably but there are these days like the "speed-breakers" on the roads that discomposes me.

Undoubtedly, its just the family that endures it. My daughter is uncertain about my irrationality (imbibing some good family values ;-)) and husband who concludes that his fortitude has no bounds by putting up with my nonsensical rantings :) (he fails to register that I reciprocate similarly on his low days ;-))

"Reading, listening to Gurus, attending courses, yoga and meditation...huh!!..nothing has helped you.." is what Sridhar would declare(he has this crooked smile on his face) upon which I te-hee. I have a wide grin now as I type this out. Its just that when either of us are in the low or we are in combat to vilify each other the humor is even more heightened that results in good punch lines. When in solitude I often wonder if we look forward to these "not so smooth" days. Later, when I am telling Srid that I am very apologetic about my behaviour and not sure of how I happened to be so. He soothes my worries in his honeyed words "Oh whats fun without our little bickerings and squabbles" and I promptly accede. :)

"Gloomy days dont last for long
Life is nectared all along
All is frolic and Love is a song
Now I recognize where I belong"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Popeye and Spinach

Today after Nidhi finished her lunch and I was having mine I showed her spinach on my plate. Told her that this is what the Popeye character eats. My intention was more for information and not to entice her into eating. To my surprise though she began eating from my plate. I asked her if she liked it I will get her another bowl. She enjoyed lots of the cooked spinach to my amazement. She would often exclaim how strong she is getting and would show off her non-existent biceps :)

Learning for me: Cartoons make such a great impression on children and all my lecture and tricks dont help ;-)

I surfed the internet on Popeye and spinach and chose this link for you, check it out:

Eat Your Spinach

Monday, September 10, 2007

A break from the virtual world...

I am currently enjoying the disconnection from the virtual world. It aint a total cut off but the usage is moderate now.

There were some months of this year where I was so much part of this online world that most of my time, heart and life was spent on the internet.

The flip side is that I have got back to blogging strongly now. I dont want to leave writing on the blog. It helps me throw the crap in my head/heart out to the world. :)

I was sharing with my friend, we already live in this world called 'Maya', dont want to create lot of these smaller 'mayas' ;-)

Any change is good fun for people who miss me on orkut, hold on...I will be back .....:)

[There is so much about me in this post...hmmm....its my blog guys ;-)]

Munh ki baat...

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Artist: Jagjit Singh
Album: Insight

muuNh kii baatein sune har koii, dil ke dard ko jaane kaun
aavaazon ke baazaaron mein Khaamoshii pahachaane kaun

sadiyon sadiyon vahii tamaashaa rastaa rastaa lambii khoj
lekin jab ham mil jaate hain, kho jaataa hai jaane kaun

vo meraa aaiinaa hai main us kii parachhaaii huuN
mere hii ghar men rahataa hai, mujh jaisaa hii jaane kaun

kiran kiran alsata suuraj, palak palak khulatii niinden
dheeme dheeme bhikhar raha hai, zarraa zarraa jaane kaun

[Blog ka writings padeh har koi, dil ka dard na jaane kaun ;-)]

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Call me an emotional fool but a tragedy like the blasts in Hyderabad moved me to tears. Whenever I read about the victims, their families my heart reaches out to them. I kept wondering 'why terrorism?'. What makes these people terrorize the world by killing?

Maybe we need a God to come down to earth who can take in all the hatred, all the pain that mankind goes through so that it doesnt have to hurt a hapless victim who was not part of this.

In a big way we are responsible for what the terrorists are going through and what the victims are facing. One may ask 'why me?' "The terrorists are a bunch of lunatics and what control do I have"

We all are to blame for creating the hatred within them. Reasons being: ignored, sidelined, hated, poverty etc...
As a society we have collective responsibility and nothing can start unless one begins to realise this as an individual.

I have a great tool in my hand, a prayer everyday for "peace in the world"

[The prayer thing is an inspiration from the Isha Yoga group who pray at 6:30pm everyday for peace in the world]