Thursday, May 31, 2007

Main Jahaan Rahoon - Lyrics

I like this song...and wud love to dedicate this again to my friend...:)
[And if its u friend reading this, u know that anything Punjabi to me is good memories..I liked the movie bcos of the Punjabi story...:)]

Hindi Song Title: Main Jahaan Rahoon, Main Kahin Bhi Hoon
Hindi Movie/Album Name: NAMASTEY LONDON

Hindi Lyrics:
(main jahaan rahoon
main kahin bhi hoon
teri yaad saaath hai) - 2

kisi se kahoon
ke nahi kahoon
yeh jo dil ki baat hai
kehne ko saath apane ek duniya chalti hai
per chhupke is dil mein tanhaayi palti hai
bas yaad saath hai
teri yaad saaath hai - 3
main jahaan rahoon
main kahin bhi hoon
teri yaad saaath hai

kahin to dil mein yaadon ki
ek suli gad jaati hai
kahin har ek tasveer bhahut hi dhondhali pad jati hai
koi nayi duniya ke naye rango mein khush rehta hai
koi sab kuch paake bhi yeh mann hi mann kehta hai
kehne ko saath apane ek duniya chalti hai
per chhupke is dil mein tanhaayi palti hai
bas yaad saath hai
teri yaad saaath hai - 3

kahin to beete kal ki jadein
dil mein hi utar jaati hai
kahin jo dhage tute to malaayen bhikar jaati
koi dil mein jagah nayi, baaton ke liye rakhta hai
koi apni palko par yaadon ke diye rakhta hai
kehne ko saath apane ek duniya chalti hai
per chhupke is dil mein tanhaayi palti hai
bas yaad saath hai
teri yaad saaath hai - 3

Monday, May 28, 2007

Today's Fortune

There is a "Today's Fortune" on "Orkut". I rarely see it because I dont believe that we need to know about life before hand...removes all the fun :)

But this one was good, less a fortune for the day and more a message:

"Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life"

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aave....

Got introduced to Rahat Ali Khan by my dear brother Mudit. He has introduced me to some great music. Sharing some Rahat's songs:

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Main jahan bhi rahoon

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Man Ki Lagan

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Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aave....


The whiteness of the moon
the purity of her soul
As she leans on a tree
She can feel the bark
on her bare back

She Looks up to see the moon
and the tree bend downwards
to be closer to them
all nature is in one
with the lovers

Its a rebirth Its love
And its him
glowing in the moonlight
near her warm bosom
calling the name of God

Fills her with life
Makes her a Goddess
She is reborn
for love to give
and receive

He is her breath
and nurtures their child
The Heavens sent him
To create paradise for her

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What an attitude?

Many of us remark "Look at her she has got attitude" or "He has got one helluva attitude". I believe they arent to be hated or detested. They are just insecure people with lot of attitude (hee hee...). Jokes apart wanted to make a point here, people put an attitude as protection from fears and insecurities which come from their past experiences. So next time u can shoot a prayer "God Bless that guy/gal with the attitude" ;-)

Getting on an ego trip..which I usually do...;-)...I dont think I have any attitude...ask my friends ...some of them are such pompous people, they may not respond to you. ;-)

Hey I gonna stop writing this post...I am insane today....!!!

Haaa my friend remarked "U r always on such a high. If it aint drugs...what could it be?"........dunno just having this heart beating is enuf I guess....;-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What I need for my work?

Keep learning
Make a daily self training schedule
Refer Manuals everytime
Keep the confidence level high
Pat myself when I get something right
Tests with different functions and data (testbed, testv2)
Tests on DCE, ISS, Workbench
Learn all feature of Lotus Notes
Learn Unix, AWK
Textpad - learn all features
Keep checking updates on Lotus Notes

Gosh! Good I made this list...looks a little clearer now ;-)

Advantages of meeting me!!

The advantages of meeting a person like me:

Wide Smile
Lots of Fun
Craziness (a very good thing ;-) )
Zest for life
Love for everything in life (Good, Not so Good, Bad, Not so Bad, Best and the Worst)
Great Family
My Cook makes bad food (keeps u healthy)
Silence (Can be silent for hours if you dont like my jabber)

Not many advantages I guess..;-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I pray for Tears to cool my pain :)

If life is pain sometimes, thank God for it! :). Thank the beauty of life!

Tears blocked somewhere in my being and the heart weighs a rock. If friends forget and move on, if love changes its course and I am stranded to fend for myself....for a new life?

This emptiness, this loneliness, and this loss it will not kill me. It will consume me in its vastness. I surrender to love and as much as I do to this pain within.

What I thought existed? It never did... I choose the path of pain. I know the destination, I know this road...I paved it :)

Maybe these verses will explain better :)

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Roodade Gham E Ulfat

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Gham Is Qadar Badhe

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Tang Aa Chuke Hain

Monday, May 21, 2007

Paulo Coelho's "By the River Piedra I sat down and wept"

The side effects after reading a Paulo Coelho book: "I am in a trance". Its entering a new realm of spirituality. It occurs every time I read his book. In his books, he displays various shades of life and the growth of inner self. In this book "By the River Piedra I sat down and wept" he shows the path of freedom is not necessarily the path thats been traversed by others. The most trodden path looks easy and less risky but the path thats new and adventurous is the one we dont see, we are ignorant of. Its the road that relieves us from bondages of our fears. We can pave a new road that connects us to our soul. And we are the best judges for that....

The book takes us along a love story of a woman who meets her childhood love to find he has become a spiritual master who can do miracles. She takes the path she always feared and surrenders to love. After this joyous discovery she fears losing him to his spiritual cause as she loves him so much. She loses him to his mission and cries by the river Piedra full of memories of the recent past...!

Some excerpts from his book:

"You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen"

"Pitiful is the person who is afraid of taking the risks. Perhaps this person will never be disappointed or disillusioned; perhaps she won't suffer the way people do when they have dreams to follow..."

"There are many ways to commit suicide. Those who try to kill the body violate God's law. Those who try to kill the soul also violate God's law, even though their crime is less visible to others"

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another article of mine!!! :)

Hey I found another article of mine (written in 2004) referred in a site...and again just feels sharing the link:

Saturday, May 19, 2007

How healthy are u?

Just thot will make this blog more interactive..enuf of myself..;-)
Lemme know u?

So pop this qn to all my blog readers...

"How healthy u think u are?"

If u dont want to answer it bcos u felt the qn was silly, u can write in the comments section "bad question", "silly qn", "u nuts?" ;-)

More qns to come by...just wanna know u sweeties....:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Love you dear!!

Always miss my husband when I am travelling or he is travelling, and that’s what’s missing is about, when one is away...haa haa...not when we are together...he heee...;-)

Anyways miss you so much now that wanted to write some lines for you, so here I go:

I know you for 9 years and married for 7 years but it feels like it was a very long time ago, when the first life form was created (heeee heee maybe we were 2 amoebae in love).

You spoil me dear, and let me do what I want. You care so much and are a protective wall, less for me and more for yourself (protect yourself from all my anger and lashes towards you)

I want to be with you for the rest of the lives (the ones after this one) till I get Nirvana....and hell who wants Nirvana ...I wanna be with you for ever and ever after...

Love you dear and have fun without me, as I will be back soon :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reading during Travel...:)

Traveling to the US, was sleepy as started my travel early morning. Spent most of time watching movies and sleeping. Watched some real good ones...:)
Then when was a little awake read Paulo Coelho's "By the River Piedra sat down and wept". Read half of it and as always he just awakens the dead spirit in one.

And as I read the books of the spiritually awakened or listen to the discourses or attend a course of a divine Guru, I keep realizing how the messsage is the same, the packaging may vary. What I understand is that the Truth is the same.

Now at the hotel and listening to the discourse ' A Dimension Beyond the Physical' by 'Sadhguru' of 'Isha Foundation'

Planning to complete Paulo's book, and then do my Yoga in the evening.

Wow, life feels lucky to be from a place like India...where one can gain access to life, spirtuality, love in such a intense way.

Last trip to Sydney I was sick by body, mind and was in such a emotional turmoil. And not that I couldnt meditate or do yoga but just that the divine had greater plans for me. Life is a learning and I am grateful for everything. "The Good and the Bad". Sometimes I wonder how I can call anything "Bad", there is only goodness around, atleast feel like that at this moment :)

Take Action, Be responsible!

Most of the pain I have is when I wait for someone else to take action and base my emotions in life on that person's action. He didnt call me, "I am upset". She doesn't mail, "She is rude". Why do I let others take charge of my life. What a 'lazy way' to live :)

I take Action and then I am totally responsible for my actions. Then do I feel hurt, do I feel, not at all. It may be difficult but awareness really helps. As one gets aware of whats going on, it helps :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Life is moments
And I realize I lost
so many of them
as I was never living them

When happiness came
lamented over the past
or worried abt the future
and lost the moment

Today I see life as
a gift from god
as I grace it every moment
and thank him for all his love