Friday, June 26, 2009

Early Education System in India

Early education in India especially in the middle class is about competitiveness, scoring and ranking higher. Every city has its varying degrees of aggressiveness. If one belongs to a city where the education culture is so built around tuitions, prep classes, guides, student groups and school's additional enforcements a student can easily score an admirable percentage in the 10th class.

The fallback of such a system is lack of good development of the child in other aspects of his/her personality. Such children later grow up to become adults who probably are failures in their interpersonal skills, relationships and don’t accept shortcomings easily.

With this said about the tough expectations a student may have to deal with does the scrapping of the 10th class exams help? Not really! Examinations are required to focus a child's faculties towards understanding the subject and giving timelines to see early education to a completion. It’s just the attitude of the parents and teachers that need to be worked upon to bring about seeing examination as a healthy system, rather than having a whole system of guide books, early morning & late evening tuitions to excel.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nagendra haraya Trilochanaya

Listen to it here:

Nagendra haraya Trilochanaya,
Basmanga ragaya maheswaraya,
Nithyaya shudhaya digambaraya,
Tasmai nakaraya namashivaya. 1
My salutations to the letter 'Na' , which is Shiva,
Who wears as garland the king of snakes.
Who has three eyes,
Who wears ash all over Him,
Who is the greatest Lord,
Who is forever,
Who is the cleanest,
And who wears the directions themselves as dress.
Mandakini salila chandana charchithaya,
Nandeeswara pramadha nadha maheswaraya,
Mandara pushpa bahu pushpa supoojithaya,
Tasmai makaraya namashivaya. 2
My salutations to the letter 'Ma' , which is Shiva,
Who is bathed by waters of Ganga,
Who applies sandalpaste all over him,
Who has Lord Nandi as his chieftain,
Who is the greatest lord,
And who is worshipped by Mandhara and many other flowers.
Shivaaya gowri vadanara vinda,
Sooryaya daksha dwara naasakaya,
Sri neela kantaya vrisha dwajaya,
Tasmai sikaraya namashivaya. 3

My salutations to the letter 'Si' , which is Shiva,
Who is peace personified,
Who is like Sun to the Lotus face of Gowri,
Who destroyed the fire sacrifice of Daksha,
Who has a blue neck,
And who has a bull in his flag.
Vasishta kumbhodhbhava gowthamadhi.
Munendra devarchitha shekaraya,
Chandrarka vaiswanara lochanaya,
Tasmai vakaraya namashivaya 4
My salutations to the letter 'Va' , which is Shiva,
Who is worshipped by great sages like
Vasishta, Agasthya and Gowthama,
As also the devas,
And who has sun, moon and fire as his three eyes.
Yaksha swaroopaya jada dharaya,
Pinaka hasthathaya sanathanaya,
Divyaya devaaya digambaraya,
Tasmai yakaraya namashivaya. 5

My salutations to the letter 'Ya' , which is Shiva,
Who takes the form of Yaksha,
Who has a tufted hair,
Who is armed with spear,
Who is forever filled with peace,
Who is godly,
Who is the great God,
And who wears the directions themselves as dress.
Panchaksharamidham punyam,
Ya padeth Shiva sannidhou,
Shivaloka mavapnothi,
Shive na saha modathe
Those who read these holy five letters great,
In the temple of Shiva,.
Would go to the world of Shiva,
And be forever happy with Him.
Translated by P R Ramachander.