Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year - 2006

Nice New Year Wishes I received on mail:

Did you know that every moment, the cells inside you are splitting to form new ones, replacing the old and the dead? Your skin is growing at a rate, such that technically speaking it's a 'new' person that you see in the mirror every morning. The cells which made up your face are dead and gone, replaced by a new set. Just that the replacement is so perfect, you can't make out any difference.
The New Year doesn't start on the first day of January. It starts daily; in fact it starts at every moment with a new 'YOU'. So wishing you a very bright and Happy New ‘You’!


Amys said...

Hi Satya,

Jus went thru ur blog. Still to read all the posts. All semms to be interesting. Just the fact that I'm writing this stuff at 11 PM rounds up my side of the story.

Anyways belated Happy new year and keep blogging.


P.S. More of a mail rather than comment :)

Satyadarshini said...

Thanks for the message...nice to hear from you. I do keep reading your blog....

Lets probably get on mails to discuss further ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope this year is very good for you.

What are the main sucess stories this year.