Monday, October 30, 2006

Self Control and Self Discipline

On the weekend I decided I needed to shed all laziness and self indulgence. I decided to start with food. Self Control on food. I didnt eat anything for 9 hours and well nothing happened ;-)
Infact I could sense a focus and meaning to life. There were further good effects. I did meditation before sleeping, spent some time in Pranayama the next day and at work I was able to do focussed reading of training material which I wasnt able to do for some weeks.

Self Control & Discipline is to respect oneself and set goals. In Landmark technology (for my friends at Landmark) its being unreasonable. Going beyond reasons. When we want to be comfortable we easily give a lot of reasons and excuses which can all be thrown to trash.

So start your day afresh "Love yourself". Set some goals like shedding a bad habit and feel all the goodness flow in :-)

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