Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crumbled Dry Leaves

she holds her book
Sits under the tree
she feels the beauty
the world is amazing
no reason for a tear

she reads the words
her eyes now close
there is darkness
she is in the past
it was so beautiful

shaken back to now
all is peace & love
takes a deep breath
and life feels vast
for it rapidly moves

joy cost her nothing
pain has no meaning
we create our lives
crumbled dry leaves
she blows them away


Satyapriya Sharma said...

nice one dee.. i am relating to this. i get you! the thing about you dee is that no matter past or present you have always learnt to enjoy the moments that most of us crib... so when u say "shaken back to now all is peace and love.." i like that :)

Ankur Sharma said...

I have just two words for this: Beautiful and Intense!!

Ta'fxkz said...


VATS said...

beautiful :)