Thursday, August 19, 2010

And you know that its no fantasy

Draped in the warm blue sky
Lying bare on the green grass
snugged in a pillow of clouds
does she ever need to cry?

Stretching, she touches the sea
And you know its no fantasy
The water is pristine and cool
And you know that she no fool

In leisure she flies with a free spirit
Strong and smooth are her wings
And she is so proud of her fins
She swims with love in the heart

And you know that its no fantasy
And you know that she no fool...


Nithin R S said...

Nice one. You know go to a hill where there are clouds. I can suggest ponmudi in kerala. There is green grass, blue sky and clouds and yeah a cool pristine forest stream. Well, this poem reminded me of that place. I was hugged away by the clouds and then it rain in a flash.

Sarita said...


Satyadarshini said...

@Nithin I can imagine whats it with Nature, connects us with the freedom of the soul

@Sarita an expression of my joy of connecting back with life

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...a reason felt in each emotional placement...strong and travelling, excellent poem! :) ~April