Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Immigrant Indian

I have been a different Indian from childhood, mostly influenced by my parents I guess. As a child I saw neighbors, Dad's colleagues and friends fight out at the work place to have a trip to "abroad". He would never be part of that race. If it was work he would go and if there were people fighting in the fray he would let them go and just focus on his work. All he cared was to excel in work. He loved to travel but not the kind of "craze for abroad" people had.

When I got to see it in my work place, I too had a similar attitude, it was so natural. Also I have deep sense of awareness and spiritual inclination imbibed from my parents. I do love the fact that travel opens up a different dimension in us and we look forward to it but the craze of going "onsite" as it is in the IT field, was never in me. I focussed on work!

I met my husband who was such, he studied in the US and came back because he wanted to be back in the country. He travels a lot as his work makes him do so....goes too all places around the world but India is home.

US was always the top in the list people would want to go. I did travel many times due to work and happened go to Japan and the experience is unforgettable but very few Indians would want to.

I always wondered why people had this ambitious need to go out of country, more to prove something to their friends or relatives or themselves. I would want to go to know another place, to meet people and have a good time. Thought through the years I understand that most of the Indians are wired to be so, and I have not understood exactly why but accepted that its part of the game here. And if I see that it has helped the country in many ways too!!

Today I had an appointment at the passport office for my daughter's passport application. When we were through the process which took an hour and bit, I asked her "Which is the first country you would want to travel?" To which she answers "America" I was in a dizzy for a moment. I asked her couldn't you think of another country like Japan. She is a 6.5 yrs smart, diplomatic kid and immediately told "yes its Japan" but I began to wonder "maybe its there somewhere in the blood, the genes...the US thing" :D


Sai said...

I guess ,more than the genes..it is more about earning money that drive Indians to do so.I mean different people have different ideologies.For me,it is more about meeting new people,culture,experience.I would rather ,travel alone to a new place alone,where there is none of your emotionally or ethnically bonded friends are there.Cause i love to have new experience.Yoour blog sounds interesting..i will read more!

Satyadarshini said...

Yes Sai, it is obviously the fast money attraction, that I havent mentioned explicitly here..
But if the fast money can be earned in another place, they would still prefer a place like US/UK/Aus, reason being there is some kind of the remnant feeling from the British days that the whites are superior or the best.
And I have studied some people its just a thing to do...:
1. I have to go onsite somehow
2. Make fast money
3. Improve my status in my circles

Have you observed people update their cities they are traveling out of country ...would they like "Kodaiknal" on FB ? no! and in London airport for 4 hours is updated on FB :P

Me too love the experience of travel, its been so long tho...work keeps me so busy here!!

Hope you are having lots of travel!! Thank for liking my blog :)