Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are you searching for your purse?

There are good people and bad people!! There are happy times and bad times! There are nice thoughts and loser thoughts! So there is the good and bad everywhere but the bad is what influences us and hurts us deep. I have rarely acknowledged a good act. Today let me consciously share one such happening :)

Today morning to school was a little rushed as my husband had to leave early for work, that meant early breakfast and chai. I had one less work as he had to attend a seminar at a hotel so no lunch box to be packed. As I was packing my daughter's box, I was checking what the teacher had asked for art work today. We realized that the kg cardboard at home was not big enough as mentioned by the teacher. My responsible and calm husband got one from the store nearby :P (the one that is open before 8am too :))

By 8:05am we were out and I was telling my daughter that we are 5 mins late than our usual time. We werent late at all so we went along to school chatting on the way. Her school is 5 mins walk from our flat. After I dropped her, I felt my hands empty. I had my house key but no purse. Where is my purse? I looked in my daughter's bag but nothing.

I panicked a bit, tracing my way back where I could have possibly dropped it. I was sure of one thing it must have happened near her school as I remember it in my hand for a long time. What was worrying me more is that my purse had my mobile in it. I began planning to block the mobile SIM and there was only Rs 50 in the purse, some bills and the building access card. Not such a bad loss I thought.

As I was looking on the road for my purse heading back to home, a school van (white maruti) stopped with two men in it asking me "Are you searching for your purse?" I told "Yes, I lost my purse" and I then spotted the purse in their hands and they smilingly gave it to me and I thanked them dazed, like this wasnt real :)

What a relief!!! :) I thank the kind men who tracked me and went a distance back to reach me to give back the purse.

I am happy that there are good people and nice things do happen :)


TheBluntBlogger said...

:) rare to happen, but am glad it worked out for you....


Satyadarshini said...

I believe in Magic n Miracles...there is a lot of good happening too :P