Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me, God, World, Mind and the Soul

‎"Just as the mind is real, reality is in some respects like a mind. But when we attempt to answer the obvious question "whose mind?", the answer turns out to be a mathematical and scientific definition of God. 

This implies that we all exist in what can be called "the Mind of God", and that our individual minds are parts of God's Mind. ... 

This connection of our minds to the Mind of God, which is like the connection of parts to a whole, is what we sometimes call the soul or spirit, and it is the most crucial and essential part of being human." Christopher Langan

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Shrikuttan.K said...

hello, i red u r blog. u r a spiritual or mystical explorer i mean finding real truth. u can fine out one day but difficult task..

krishnan nair sreekumar