Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Meditation Group

My friend 'Tim' as I call him wanted to start a Meditation club. The plan was to spend 20-30 mins everyday on meditation. So that this doesn't hog our work time we decided to have it during the office lunch hours.

So initially Tim, Vilas, Siddarth & I met up for a discussion. Tim told us what meditation was about. Meditation is bringing about awareness to oneself. We forget we are such powerful sources and if there is this self realization we can do wonders. We discussed for sometime and we decided to meet.

I couldn't attend the initial sessions as I was caught up at work. Then finally I made it and there we were, around 5-6 of us. Tim was leading the meditation. He told us the steps to do it.

Quite simple: Take 5-6 long deep breaths, this relaxes the body. Then let the breathing be normal and focus on the breath. Initially there were so many thoughts. They were crazy running around like mad. Slowly the mind quietened and there was peace. End of the session I looked around and it felt so good. This lasted for 20 mins.

We repeated the sessions for 21 days so as to see that this becomes a part of our system. We continued and we enjoyed each and every session. It got better everytime.

To me I value each and every person in the meditation group. There is a feeling that we share so much with each other. Amit, Sidharth, Tim, Vilas, Arushi are like the best friends I ever had.

We had some get togethers in Coffee Day and then b'day get togethers and I must say it was always fun time.

Now I have moved to a different office location and miss the meditation sessions. Vilas was here for a short period and we had 3-4 sessions but now he isn't at this location so back to no-meditation days. I hope I find a group here soon so that we can start a meditation group here too...


Amys said...

Hey Satya...good stuff. Keep blogging!!!!

Looking forward to ur future posts.

Vilas Menon said...

Nice one mate. This blogs cool, gotta get more time to read through your blogs though. Am leaving for NY tonight. So catch u as soon as I am back, the sessions at MGR office were cool. Have a great time.

Keep smiling.


Anonymous said...

This is very good Intiative. Results will be definitely visible in there day to day activities.