Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yoga Addicts

Yoga is such an Indian thing. I have practiced Yoga & Pranayama as a child to my teens. As we grow older we have other modern areas to explore. Yoga then becomes a forgotten world. We then learn it through the westerners and get inspired.

My husband - Sridhar & I are not the western inspired kind. So it didn't help at all. Then came Ramdevji on Aastha Channel. We heard a lot about him here and there. Sridhar started practicing watching TV early in the morning. I was too lazy for that.

Few months later we saw ads on TV & newspapers about an Yoga camp by Ramdevji in Bangalore. We jumped at this opportunity and got the tickets.

It was a week long session. We used to get up around 3:30 am every morning to reach in time for the camp. I had cold and a running nose but nothing deterred us. Ramdevji taught us Pranayama & Yoga. He concentrated on Pranayama more and further stressed a lot on a Pranayama technique called 'Kapalbhaati'.

To lead an healthy life he suggested a 15 mins Pranayama package everyday (possibly twice a day). This Pranayama package included 7 basic exercises:

  1. Bhastrika
  2. Kapalbhaati
  3. Agnisaar
  4. Baghai
  5. Anulom Vilom
  6. Brahmhari
  7. Uthgeedh

Every morning we try catching up on these exercises. If there isn't time for all, I don't forget the "Kapalbhaati" :-)

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