Monday, July 04, 2005

Fun filled weekend

Aaah, finally I get time to write a post. Blogging is addictive, I waited to finish work to write something.

Weekend was real good. Saturday Morning we took Nidhi to Jagruthi at Electronic City. This is the family day conducted by my company. It was good fun. Nidhi interacted with the kids there and we all had a good time. One funny incident was when she took a granny's walking stick while she was relaxing and having coffee. She started playing with it and didn't want to return it. The Granny was laughing a lot at Nidhi's mischief.

Saturday Evening Tim, his project mates, Sridhar & I met at Canopy to celebrate Tim's B'day. It was nice to meet up with the meditation group folks: Sidhartha, Amit & Arushi. Vilas is in the US so we missed him. It was good to see Naveen again. Met Karthik & Vinatha, I had met them earlier at Toastmasters. Met the Sidhartha 2 & Meera for the first time. Sidhartha 2 is from Kerala, acted in a serial there and smiles a lot :-) Meera is from Gujarat and she is going to be green card holder soon.

The interesting thing we noted was that all of us were from different states in that was good mix of people there. We enjoyed the food, with Sidhartha's Assam stories to entertain us. Also Sidhartha gave us interesting insights about Sholay. He is currently studying the character Jaya Bachan in Sholay :-)

Arushi was the team lead for the non-veg group. She did an excellent job at that :-) Only problem was she ordered for a sizzler item but there was some confusion and she had to settle for a baked one.

On the whole it was good partying, we reached home around 11:30pm...

Sunday Evening Sridhar & I we went to PVR at Forum to watch Bunty & Babli. It was kind of drag and had a weak story line. It wasn't a good movie at all but critics like us need to watch movies not just for the entertainment bit but more to give an opinion ;-)


Amys said...

Nice desription of the turn events over the weekend!!!

Vilas Menon said...

Hey nice to know that I m being missed guys. I Really miss the get togethers I wud hv had, had I been there. MY office is in the center of NY. Its a cool place, I am put up at NJ in a hotel currently, but migth move to a rented acco soon, hopefully. :-)

N e ways you guys have fun and keep smiling. Really miss the meditation sessions. Its very rainy here. I do meditate all by myself in the mornings, if I get the time to .. (If I am not late).

Chalo then keep int touch.