Friday, July 01, 2005

Introduction to Blogging

June 14th 2005, Amit's Birthday and I wanted to buy some good gift for him. I had known Amit throught the meditation get togethers. I wasn't quite sure what could be a good gift for him and finally I decided to buy a pen. There was this thing in the back of my mind 'Software Engineers, why would they need a pen, its the keyboard' :-) Anyways I bought the gift and send it across to Amit through internal courier.

Amit replied that he was really pleased to receive the gift of a pen because now it got him back to his writing days. He then shared his blog site with me. This was the first blog site I had ever seen and I really liked what Amit had blogged there. It inspired me to start a blog site of my own and this is how I started blogging :-)

This blog is my way of thanking Amit for introducing me to the world of blogging!!!

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Amys said...

Hey Thanks.

Satya herself is an inspiration for me.

Introduced to us by our 'boss' who is more like a friend. We started off with the meditation sessions together and have come along way since then.