Monday, December 12, 2005

Diet Plan

I have mailed this to so many colleagues and friends, that I thought it best to put it on the blog so that more people can benefit. I have successfully followed this diet plan and reduced 15 kgs (along with exercise).
This diet plan mainly works on the 5 meal plan (short meals) and lot of liquid in the diet. Always keep an apple handy when very hungry, dont binge eat. Also remember the 3 main meals should include rice or wheat or both.

So here you go, tune it as per your lifestyle and schedule:


5:00 am - Warm Water+1/2 lime+1/2 tsp honey
5:30 am - Yoga
6:00 am - Walk (if possible)
7:00 am - Coffee (1/2 tsp sugar)
Ist Meal
7:30 am - Breakfast: Fruit Juice+ 2 idlis (no coconut chutney) OR Pongal OR vermicelli pulav (less oil) (Avoid Rava idli/upma - they have lot of calories)

2nd Meal
10:30 am - Juice & Fruits (Avoid pineapple, banana, mango, chikoo..) can have orange , apple , sweet lime etc


3rd Meal
1:30pm - Juice + Rotis(2) + less oil sabzi OR Rice(1 bowl) + Sambar

4th Meal
4:30pm - Juice + Bhelpuri

5th Meal
8:30 pm - Thin ButterMilk + Rotis(2) + less oil sabzi OR Rice(1 bowl) + Sambar

Some tips:
Keep 1-2 apples in your bag everyday, whenever you feel very hungry have wont increase weight and it will satisfy your hungr.
Buy lot of fruits & vegetables

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Anonymous said...

within how many days you lost 15Kgs and what kind of exercises you did? Kindly elabolate, I am quite motivated with this blogger and i am starting my diet plan TODAY!!!