Thursday, December 08, 2005

Trip to Delhi & Chandigarh (Oct 26 - Nov 06 2005)

Paul Coelho's quote on travel in his book Pilgrimage was really inspiring to plan on some travels. Well to start of I thought of Delhi so as to visit my in-laws and also plan for Chandigarh in the vicinity. That would mean just a 2 day trip to Chandigarh and some sight seeing in Delhi

So I made a plan for a 12 day off from work, informed my supervisor much before hand and we were off to Delhi on Oct 26 2005 to match my Mother-in-law's birthday. Things went as per plan and we celebrated the birthday with sweets and gifts were given but 2 days later my little daughter Nidhi fell sick with Viral Fever. I got all worked up that it would be Dengue or Bird Flu or some thing scarier. We visited a local doctor and my daughter was fed with loads of medicines which she detested and that was the days we spend in Delhi. She was fine by the time we went to Chandigarh.

In Chandigarh we visited the Sukhna Lake. We were staying in the center of the city so this was quite close by. It’s a relaxing place where we went for boating and watched a lot of ducks. It was a beautiful place and we enjoyed the sunset and the general crowd around.

Next day we went to Pinjore gardens, it’s a Moghul gardens (I think so :)). It’s around 25 km from the city so we took an hour to reach there. It’s a 5 layered park. It’s a good exercise for the body & soul walking down the different layers of the park. The weather was good at this time of the year and Nidhi enjoyed playing in the garden. We ended the garden walk with a fruit salad in the end (fruits picked from the grove)

Evening we visited the rock garden. Natural is beautiful but human creation can be so breathtaking was unbelievable. There are narrow passages winding between high walls as if one was in a mountainous place and then surprised by a waterfall. There were so many sculptures done by waste material like bangles, old china ware, waste building material etc. Series of sculptures of animals, birds, humans etc. were lined up. It was fun trying to figure out what it could be made of…Very inspiring place and one develops great admiration for the person behind it.

The highway ride was good to & fro. It’s good sight passing through Haryana and catching a glimpse of a totally different lifestyle as we sped in the taxi. Smooth long roads, unobstructed drives were the high points of our stay in Delhi and Chandigarh. Did we want to comeback to Bangalore to the madding crowds and clogged way if wishes could come true... :-)?

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