Sunday, July 08, 2007


On Sunday night returning from the Isha Yoga class at around 9pm, I stop at a signal near the end of inner ring road. On the left of me I see a less crowded road merging at the junction. A scooter with a young man and woman is slowing down to stop and nearby a cyclist is slowing down too. The cyclist gets close to the young couple and starts talking. He point to the rear of his cycle and then a fight ensues. The cyclist looks like a man nearing his 60s and the youth around 25. Initially the scooterist is perplexed and not sure whats happening. The old man though continues his blabber and looks like some words have angered the young man as he starts arguing back animatedly.

I get the green signal and start moving. As I go past the two I can see the youth raise his fist on the old man to show anger and threaten him...

This old man had just come out from the bar which was behind where the cyclist stood and fought. One could see that he was drunk but the youth didnt seem to realise that else he wouldnt have bothered to fight with the drunkard.

How many times in life we get into fights with people who are drunk with pride, power, ego, ignorance and hatred. We get carried away and get into a serious altercation. If we knew these people were drunk we wouldnt have wasted our time...:)

...And then there are times when we are in this drunk state and provoke fights with people around!!


Veena said...

Dear Satya,

Have added you to the list of blogs that I read regularly..

liked this article too.

Actually i have added one of your friend's blog too. "Prax photo blog".


Satyadarshini said...

Thanks Veena...u made my day!! :)
Prax's blog is indeed a good is Prax himself..!!

Have u posted anything new on ur blog..lemme check!!

Sravan Marella said...

WOw!! Thats a great observation on life!!!

Satyadarshini said...

Thanks Sravan...!!