Thursday, August 09, 2007


Life is about choices, the ones we make with full awareness and the ones that happen to us :) We fail to take responsiblity for the ones that happen to us(I cant forget the Landmark game of chosing icecream played on me by Puri :)) and some of us dont want to take responsibility for anything in life.

As a mere mortal we dont have any control over the choice of life and death (yes if we were expanded souls we could understand that it does extend to life and death but let me leave it at just the time between birth and death). We do have control over choices as we live each day of our life. The past is gone (not for most of us, ask me :)). The present actions we take, as an outcome of choices we make every where we can see consequences as desired.

(Friends from Landmark and Isha, guess you would be able to relate to some of this :))


Mudit said...


leosevents said...

Life is always about making choices...some that we are happy about , some that we regret.

If we were not in a situation to make choices...i guess we cannot call it LIFE.

I guess someone had it all programmed for us...for him these are acts, but for us it ends up as choices.


Harish Suryanarayana said...

To keep in mind that the choices we make this moment morphs into the past and can never ever be changed is a frightening fact !