Monday, August 20, 2007

Hiatus in blogging

For a person like me boredom gets me pretty fast...but here in my blog from past 2 years I have been boring people with the same topics: spirituality, philosophy and love. Frankly I can write more on these, especially a lot on 'love' :). I have decided to spare my readers...!!!

I was thinking of writing on my 'job' but dunno how to put it down in bloggy style ;-)

Contemplating on writing on a topic I havent delved on...

Right now nothing angers me, nothing hurts me, nothing confuses is in a state of bliss..:) I am out of ideas friends :)

You can check my photoblog though...lots happening there :)

Thats only for now, gimme a few days and I am back with some new material!


leosevents said...

We shall wait...

JudeTheObscure said...


Greetings from Jude!

What you have come across could be called a writers block. Or more specifically a bloggers block. Im sure you'd get over it soon.

Keep thinking,

PS: Two years is a lot of blogging. Never was bored of your posts :)

PPS: Im not sure if i'd already put in a comment like this, this one's just to make sure.

gazal said...


wanted to write about you suffering from bloggers block.....but realized it has just been said by the person above !!!!

Satyadarshini said...

Thanks Leo, Jude and Gazal...very encouraging :)
I am gonna be back now...the topics may not change tho ;-)