Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bhaja Govindam!!

Morning times I wake up listening to the following:

  • Suprabhatam
  • Bhaja Govindam
  • Lingashatkam

Its like the morning coffee and breaks my sleepiness.

Sridhar shared this linked with me as I got curious to understand the meaning of Bhaja Govindam(composed by Adi Shankracharya):

Picked from this site, let me share the meaning of Bhaja Govindam:


bhaja govindam bhaja govindam
govindam bhaja mUDhamate
samprApte sannihite kAle
nahi nahi rakShati dukrunjkaraNe

mUDha jahihi dhanAgamatrshNAm
kuru sadbuddhim manasi vitrshNam
yallabhase nija karmopAttam
vittam tena vinodaya cittam

yavadvittopArjana saktah:
tAvannija parivAro raktah:
pashcAt jIvati jarjara dehe
vArtAm kopi na prcchati gehe

mA kuru dhana jana youvana garvam
harati nimeShAt kala: sarvam
mAyAmayam idam akhilam hitvA
brahma padam tvam pravisha vidhitvA

sura mandira taru mUla nivAsa:
shayyA bhUtalam ajinam vAsa:
sarva parigraha bhoga tyAga:
kasya sukham na karoti virAga:

bhagavat gIta kincitadhItA
gangAjalalava kaNikApitA
sahrdapi yena murAri samarca
kriyate tasya yamena na carcA

punarapi jananam punarapi maraNam
punarapi jananI jaTare shayanam
iha samsAre bahudustAre
krpayA pAre pAhi murAre

artham anartham bhavaya nityam
nAstitata: sukhalesha: satyam
putrAdapi dhana bhArjAm bhItih:
sarvatraiShA vihitA rIti:

geyam gItA nAma sahasram
dhyeyam shrIpati rUpamajashram
neyam sajjana sange cittam
deyam dInajanAya ca vittam

gurucharaNambuja nirbhara bhakta:
samsAradacIradbhava mukta:
sendriyamAnasa niyAmAdevam
drakShyasi nija hrdayastam devam


Adore the lord, adore the lord,
Adore the lord O fool,
When the appointed time (for departure) comes,
the repetition of grammatical rules will not indeed save you.

O fool, leave off the desire of wealth;
create in the mind thoughts about reality, devoid of passion.
what you get -i.e., what you have achieved through your past deeds
-with that, satisfy your mind.

As long as you have the ability to earn money,
so long will your dependents be attached to you.
After that, when you live with an infirm body,
no one will even speak to you a word.

Do not be proud of wealth, kindred and youth;
Time takes away all these in a moment.
Leaving aside this entire (world) which is of the nature of
an illusion, and knowing the state of brahman, enter into it.

Living in temples or at the foot of the trees,
sleeping on the ground, wearing deer-skin, renouncing all possession
and thier enjoyment - to whom will not dispassion bring happiness?

For him, who has studied the Bhagavatgita, even a little,
who has drunk a drop of the Gangawater, and who has performed
the worship of the destroyer of the demon Mura (viz Srikrishna)
at least once, there is no tiff with Yama

Repeated birth, repeated death and repeated lying in
mother's womb - this transmigratory process is extensive and
difficult to cross; save me, O destroyer of Mura, through your grace.

Wealth is no good: thus reflect always; there is not the
least happiness there from; this is the truth.
For the wealthy there is fear even from a son;
everywhere this is the regular mode.

The Bhagavatgita and the Sahasranama should be sung;
the form of the lord of Lakshmi ( Vishnu) should be always meditated on;
the mind should be led to the company of the good;
and wealth should be distributed among the indigent.

Being devoted completely to the lotus-feet of the Master,
become released soon from the transmigratory process.
Thus, through the discipline of sense and mind-control,
you will behold the deity that resides in your heart.

After reading the meaning one may wonder why Adi Shankracharya compose these verses...check the wikepedia for it :)

Listen to it:
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