Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fantasies, Dreams and Life!!!

Right now I can see life like carrying a remote with 3 buttons: Fantasy, Dreams and Life
What a luxury!!! All of these states are great...for some I may sound crazy ;-)

Just imagine, I press this button and there I go fantasizing. I am on this beautiful, exotic place...gardens, flowers, the sky and there I am sitting and writing poetry...wow!! :)

The next button, and I am dreaming in the night. It is involuntary but to some extent my state of mind does influence it. I am dreaming of an era gone by, so many 1000 years ago. Struggling as a woman, living my life in those restrains. It feels so true...it is about helplessness and when I grow out of it, it is about maturity. Not making sense to you? Just get it that I am living in a different time altogether!

And then I wake up and press the button "Life". Woaaah...what a wonderful morning! Let me start my day listening to Suprabhatam. Yoga and meditation makes me feel so much in place...and I am off to work!!

Then I press the next button and the next and I must say I am freaking out friends...;-)


Gazal said...

so true...some times you wished it was true....

Satyadarshini said...

And Gazal who told life was true..!!