Friday, December 14, 2007

Pyar ka side effects.....

My conversation on chat with a friend on "love" :)
ME: love catches one unawares

Friend: i guess

ME: sometimes we think we know it all
and we are in this good intellectual state
and love comes by
crashing our identity
and what not

Friend: so basiclly loves just screws way or the other
ha ha ..

ME: well said
but if u want to see it as a true optimist
like me
I see it as a way to introspection
knowing oneself
and changing course
lot of newness comes in us
and there is a fresh way we see ourselves
also one needs to realise the object we love
aint so lovely as much we make it
there is lot of our creation
and we lose touch with reality
"Friend" didnt respond after this...must be thinking "YE KITNI PAKAATI HAI" ;-)


Gazal said...

PYAAR KE SIDE apt as a title

so when are you coming to pakao me...waiting!!!

Satyadarshini said...

Anytime Gazal..cant let go such opportunities...:)

jassi said...

What, people have to go off too...not that u bore them all the time ;)

Satyadarshini said...

Thanks Jass...haahaaa....
U r kind...:)
and very encouraging ;-)

Raghu Ram Prasad said...


JudeTheObscure said...

Friend: so basiclly loves just screws way or the other
ha ha ..

@ Friend: Im with you :)

jaijee said...

Jin jin ko tha ye ishq ka, aajaar mar gaye
Aksar hamare saath ke beemar mar gaye

Say all that you have to but the fact remains, it tests our character and shapes our life(for better or worse)

how have you been??