Saturday, March 22, 2008

SMS type poem ;-)

An SMS quality poem..made in 2-3 mins for Mr. Sridhar and sent on SMS yesterday night :) Sridhar was impressed...laga ki kuch creativity hoga mujhme ;-)

Kabhi aandhi mein akele thee
Tum Kaheen Door Kho gaye the
Kaali parchaayeen Pukar rahe thee
Maine Pyaar Ka aisa Diya Jalayaa
Tume mere Kitne nazdeek aa gaye

Wanted to save it thot abt this blog!!


swati said...

Beautiful lines Satya... :)
Sridhar surely would have felt great!
I guess only a heart full of love could say those lines! Take Care!

Satyadarshini said...

heehee - thanks Swati
Love does add to much of emotions that lead to some expression !!!

I have some better poems ..u can check it in the "poems" category..:)

Gazal said...

so cute ! !
you sure know how to surprise sridhar! !

Nithin R S said...

amazing.five lines told alot.