Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coffee and Smokes: Intro to Jyo (#1)

I am writing a fiction series based on a character "Jyo". I don't brand her as the "typical" city girl or a representation of the modern women. She is what circumstances and life has made her. I am building her character based on a few people I know and a dash of me in it too :)

Hope you all like it. I will post often, please keep writing your comments, it could be in form of questions if any queries about Jyo or any curiosity one would have on "Coffee and Smokes".

Enjoy reading :)

Intro to Jyo

She headed to her habitual coffee shop at 11am. This is when she got a break at work and she would spend time with herself. She spread her paraphernalia that comprised of a book, hand bag and shades. She pulled out the smokes and lighter from the handbag and signalled to the waiter to get a coffee, her customary cappuccino. This was an indoor coffee shop unlike the outdoor ones; there was soft music playing and another lone customer smoking away. This was perfect, the fewer the people the better.

She flipped the pages of the book to get to where she had left it last. Her mind though wandered to what happened at work today morning. "Jyo, come here quick, I need to discuss the monthly reports" told her boss on the phone. Her name is Jyothilakshmi but sobriquets get shorter and "western" in the BPO industry and she liked it this way. Jyo loved her job, she was a team lead and had worked for 4 years in the same organization. With all these parameters she knew Bangalore was the place to be. She took a long drag of smoke and sipped the coffee. The warm sun broke through the glass on her chosen table and she liked it. She looked outside the window pane, she saw a couple walking. She could watch them but they couldn’t possibly see her. Her discussion with her boss was good and Indro (Indraneel) was a "gem" she thought and got back to the book she intended to read. Another smoke and she was back to work.


jassi said...

I love the Idea but even if you say, you are not trying to get into any cliche, you are.

Can you not, making smoking more stubble? Does it have to make smoking a stereotype?

Satyadarshini said...

yes did think over that....but when coffee is ok why not smoking I thot....further lots can happen over a smoke....will put in some stories soon :)

Prax said...

hope jyo quits smoking :)

Satyadarshini said...

oh yes she will, I too want her to :), she is very young now....24 yrs....I will tell her abt Prax's my story I wanted her to leave when she meets "the guy" :)

jassi said...

Smoking isn't bad but the point is-as we have discussed earlier, coffee-smoking, very cliche.

Can we have a female that just sits down and drink tea to relax? Ice tea! Green tea!

Maverick said...

Now I see some Jealous smoker men out there... Am I smelling some smokey air? I have been thinking about jyo smoking for quite sometime now... Hmmm... Guess its fine to have young smokey men n women as well... But i have a serious question out here... Why all smokers njoi their smoke while sipping away coffee??? Can anyone answer this for me plzzz?

Satyadarshini said...

@Maverick I like you clearing a little bit of the smokey air here :)
The qn abt why coffee and smokes, u answer that too...:)
And I am sure the chai-smoke combo is very much prevalent...:) but more in places where Jassi is from
For a bangalorean it wud be sure coffee :)