Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Silent cry

When the vocal fights are futile
There commences the long silent wars
Reticent as the night but raging as the sun
my heart burns, my mind churns the events
Where is the love, what is beauty
who would care for life and death
in arrogance and the need for control

Fretting and fuming, driving me nuts
Suicide or murder sounds like good
but a bright smile of a child
can spoil such wonderful plans
We all are limited, we all are bound
no freedom, and darkness it should be
there aint choices, its the "gifted" path

I recall years ago I picked it up
a beautiful package with a green gem
so dazzling was it that it blinded me
I easily missed the big black stones
The green gem doesnt shine anymore
hands dirty, no escape from fate
and hey, who are you in the mirror?


Prax said...

whoa...deep stuff !!! very...death metal ! you should join a rock band !

Satyadarshini said...

oh my search of a profession ends here now ;-)
Thanks Praxie..this keeps me on :)

Anonymous said...

lovely ...

Prax said...

hehe...ure welcome...lots o metal bands in bangalore, ill intro u to some if u want!

Satyadarshini said...

oh sure..if u say so..u r the expert here Prax....wud love to do something useful other than working on new ventures ;-).....lots of work to finish.....huff!!

Venkatesh said...

wow! amazing lines..awaiting your next poem..