Monday, December 14, 2009

And he spoke to me....

I have these conversations with God, sometimes when I am in deep meditative states. And I dunno if its God or my protecting spirit/angel but I call him "My God" :)

And a day back when God spoke to me in his soft but firm voice, I would never be able explain the way I perceive it. Its full of humility but yet someone who knows all...

As he was saying nice things to me, that brought me so much cheer (he loves to cheer me up :)) and as I was smiling, I told him "God, I am sorry, I wronged"

He responded slow, deliberately but lovingly "Dear I know no wrong"

And the conversation ended. I began to contemplate on it, and I thought that its we humans who decide the wrong or the right, we give it definitions to suffer ourselves into pain.

So when we point a finger at someone and say "Hey you are wrong or you wronged me" ain't it just definitions, our interpretations, stories (as in landmark education terminology)

There is so much love for ourselves and the world if we are not slotting our actions and everyone else's as right or wrong...

I need to now get back to my project work...had to type this down, to pass this message from my God :)

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