Sunday, December 20, 2009

Excited about 2010

Every year is leading to another and each as important. First half of 2009 went in recovering from a surgery in Dec 2008 and when I was back in action around June 2009, the ball was rolling boy !!!

There were challenges in business in terms of partners but I know I learnt a lot and dealt with the issues good. I then met up with new partners a few weeks back and I must say business has just grown after that.

As usual I enjoyed trips to Gurgaon to catch up with Srid. The trips to Ooty- Cunnoor later followed by Chikamgalur will always be part of my sweet memories.

Well right now I look forward to our vacations in Mumbai and then the parties we plan with Sis and cousins when I am back.......

The activities I missed doing:

  • Landmark
  • Isha 
  • Social Service
  • Regular Yoga and Meditation
Now I am going to miss today's evening Yoga but going to visit an Uncle at hospital.....

And tomorrow back to work ...:)

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Toon India said...

landed from twitter..really nice blog!!
And a belated happy new year