Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking a Stand

Last Saturday I was at my daughter's school at 11:30am guided by the circular that wanted the parents to be there to order school photographs. When I went there it was chaos at its best, fish market!!!

Being urban we have kinda lost the rushing in crowds thing but yes we have braced through it in childhood and when the need arises, I can be at my best :) So I was there fighting my way to the beginning of the crowd, near the table, about to order my photographs and a teacher from the school checks with the photographer guy as to why there is so much commotion and he should stop activities and organize things.

As he was trying to figure how to deal with the mess he created. There was a lady from the parents group, who was outraged, raised her hands calling out loudly to all parents to talk to the Principal and to deal with the situation. She went to the reception and created the required noise. Many parents joined in, including me.

Our demands were:
  • Why is it not organised? The Prinicipal says we dont get involved. We felt they should and not let the photographer create the mess
  • Why should we order class photographs, they can be sent through the student? The Prinicipal agreed to do so
  • For the annual day photographs we suggested put in on a site, we pick up the number and send it on email for order. The Principal was not sure how to take this ahead but they finally decided to have it done class wise rather than Nursery to Twelfth classes parents called at one time.

As all this was being discussed and agreed upon. Some parents went to the photographer's assistant and were busy giving orders till it was stopped by us complaining to the admin guy (who was told by the Principal to correct the situation).

I was really disappointed at the selfishness of these parents who were all fine with the chaotic situation so that they can just get done with it and also taking advantage that most of the parents were there discussing with the Principal, what a selfish attitude.

I am in all praise of the lady who stood as a leader to drive the parents to form a group and take on this issue.

Remember "Take a Stand" if not "Take a stand to support" :)


Hiyaa said...

...with all this going on, I feel the Principal really lacks organizational ability. This could have been planned and delegated to be carried out in best convenient ways. Wondering whether it is something that is lacking in school principals...I'm just musing. Your post got me thinking :)

Satyadarshini said...

@Hiyaa Yes, the school outsources the work but doesn't take responsibility of it by monitoring whats happening and planning it out. Not sure if its with most of the schools...but this one had this prob. Later tho they have taken corrective actions after the noise we made and things are good lately :)