Monday, July 26, 2010

Purge and Create

To be able to experience the joy of surprises in life one needs to let it happen. Last week was filled with sweet friends, love and beautiful surprises. Great mix of friends from the past, present and brand new ones.

I was going through a purging process as my good old friend calls my style when I am in an exit mode. Though it was time to realize that the cleaning had been done and something new had to be created. Creation of love, hope and unbound joy.

With the magic this group created and the healing process I went through, my work had some achievements and success stories happening.

My next posts would be on the rising of my spirit :D and spiritual discoveries :)


Sarita Pandey said...

Hope, love and unbound joy is sure on its way in... always good to see you smile! do share the achievements at work. :)

Anonymous said...

My congratulations to you on your achievements Darshini! Way to go! :-)
..Sudha Kannan

Satyadarshini said...

@Sarita More posts on work, wud love to share...thanks for d encouragement!! :)

@Sudha Thanks Sudha....and wanna meet you soon :)