Friday, July 16, 2010

Sorrow & Suffering

When suffering enters life, its resisted but sorrow is as much a part of life as is happiness. Accepting it can make life joyous! :)

Why is there Sorrow? Is suffering because one has sinned?

Some excerpts from the book "Beyond Sorrow" :

Suffering is not God's will. Suffering is not punishment for morally wrong actions. Suffering is caused by misunderstanding the nature of the world in which one lives.

The very nature of worldly existence - of the seasons, of evolution, of birth and death - is change. One's environment changes, one's body changes. The amount of suffering we experience is our individual, albeit unconscious, choice. To the extent we expect permanence from an impermanent creation, we suffer. To the extent we search for permanent joy, in permanent truth we discover joy.

The creation is by nature temporal. If one attaches oneself to something, sorrow will necessarily arise when that thing changes. 

Experiences of sorrow can be profound aids to a seeker of truth, for such experiences convince the seeker, as no intellectual discussion could, of the transience of the world. Suffering should not be denied or disparaged; it is the only mechanism nature provides to hint that true bliss cannot lie in an external world. Sorrow can be the greatest teacher, for it points the way inwards.

Thus, the root cause for suffering is ignorance of the unchanging reality, the source of bliss. In this ignorance one searches for happiness where happiness can never exist. Attachments develop and the disappointment that follows generates terrible sorrow. The solution rests, therefore, in gaining the knowledge of the real and permanent source of joy.


Nithin R S said...

Ive been noticing that you are so emotional these days. You were sounding so low and now this post convince me that ,you are bothered about somthing. Well hope to see the cheerful person that you are,soon.Well, life is a journey of ups and downs ,sorrows and joys, just keep moving on.

Satyadarshini said...

@Nithin oh yes was low but no more :) I have got a breakthrough after reading this book. I am back in action and in cheer :)
Thanks for your concern...its really nice to have someone who cares in these times :)

Gagrin said...

I feel normally where there is suffering there is sorrow but where there is sorrow there may not be suffering - we r relentlessly pursuing objects, conditions & relationships that we think will give us happiness & pleasure but when we do not get or get partially we feel pain that is Sorrow that is fate but to suffer or not for that deprivation depends on our understanding.

Thanks for sharing -it is a nice post reminding us not to suffer irrespective whether sorrow is there or not :)