Thursday, April 07, 2011


Column by Sri Sri Ravishankar
 When does Ego happen?

1. When you don't get attention.

2. When you seem to be losing attention.

3. When you get attention.

Ego causes heaviness, discomfort. It doesn't let love flow. Ego can be transcended by knowing the Truth; by inquiring "Who am I?" Often, your attitude towards one who has ego is of contempt or jealousy. But rather you should have compassion, or even pity, isn't it?

There is also a positive aspect of ego. It drives one to do some work. A person will do a job either out of compassion or out of ego. Most of the work in the society is by boosting the ego. But in Satsang, work is done out of love. Ego is separateness; non-belongingness. It is wanting to prove and to possess.

And when you wake up and see, there is nothing to be proved and nothing to possess, ego dissolves.
Jai Gurudev!!  


Venkatesh said...

Wow ! Its really nice. But is it at least possible to survive on the edge if we truly follow all this?

Satyadarshini said...

This piece just gets me to know what I didnt know...but to really deal with my ego...I dont think its very simple...that fella keeps popping up.