Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Go away!

It was a hot scorching noon
She held a glass of water
under a cool shaded tree
He was a lost and weak man
She gave him all that she had

He sat next to her and spoke
Forgetting his pain, he smiled
Never had he felt so comfortable
He slept in peace as she looked on
Hearing his breath and the breeze

While she was busy with work
he lost his heart to a beauty
Now he had the strength to leave
He did not need her any more
No longer was he lost and weak

He thanked her for her help
He held his love and walked away
When she ran behind them in tears
He threw her aside and yelled
"Thank you for the water, now go away"


Satyadarshini said...

A question to all: So in this case does she want him to continue to be weak? No! Then what should it be....? (Its like the modern Vikram n Betaal qn)

Anonymous said...

is this about you and MC?