Friday, March 09, 2007

Gratitude for everything!

Gratitude for the little things. Today decided to practise this and see how it can change my perspective.

Took a taxi to work as was not too well and had to be phyically in office for some hardware procurement work for our lab. The Taxi guy charges are really high and I was a little bugged but then thought this is a good opportunity to practice gratitude.

So while in the way, just thought about how thankful I am to have this nice person to drive me to work. Then the thought flashed 'damn he is taking good money for it'. Then I thought 'Well he is doing his job and doing it good and I must thank him'

When I reached work, I asked him "Aapka naam kya hai?". He told me "Ravi". I gave him the money and told him "Thank You Ravi". He was beaming. Also advised him on a short route to get back, he flashed a smile.

Hope to do this more and enrich my life. The Power of Gratitude!! :-)
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Prax said...

Im beginning to see why this blog thing is so addictive :)

Nice that you could take the time to be thankful to the cabbie.

Not many ppl do that, and that reflects in the general attitude cab/auto drivers have towards the ppl who sit in their vehicles and order them around

JudeTheObscure said...

cheerio! Good job, keep posting! one quick suggestion : jazz up the language..

Sravan Marella said...

Way to go...i guess the cabbie would have been really thrilled to recieve the thanks and the positive energy just spreads...i read it somewhere that if you make a day for someone by complimenting them they would in turn do something good for someone else....these positive vibrations ripple across....I am also learning to thank ppl for their small favours whoever they may be....