Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some events..:)

Yesterday decided to get back home early around 4pm from office instead of taking the 5:40pm shuttle. Went out of the building in search of an auto, which isn’t easy to get on the outer ring road. There is a continuous stream of speeding vehicles and one may find it very difficult to get an auto. I am a little positive... :) so just lug my backpack and out on the long stretch of road waiting for an auto.

That was enough of an introduction. If it was Sridhar, he would get so impatient like "why all this background", "what actually happened ..? :) (now I extended it more for you guys, he he)

I finally see an auto coming by and 3 school students get out. It’s strange on that road. Anyways I wave at the auto guy to check and he waves back positively. Till then I see a lady in a Maruti car asking me from a distance if I need a lift. I signal her I don’t and point to the auto. I rush to the auto, tell him my destination and get in. I watch that the lady still waiting for me to get in, in case the auto guy refuses.

I was planning to thank her if this auto guy catches up with her...anyways that doesn’t happen. As I start enjoying the auto ride, (which I do as I travel a lot in the autos at Bangalore..:)), I see 2 certificates from top police official, Vijay Kumar Sinha and Ashutosh Kumar. It was written in all Kannada....and since I have learnt Kannada can read it with ease though trying to comprehend can be tough. I understand that this was certificate of appreciation for retuning a Dell Laptop and other important papers left by a passenger.

When I reached home, I asked the auto guy (his name if I remember right was Ravi Shankar) if that certificate was for returning the Dell Laptop. He was impressed that I could read Kannada...because my spoken Kannada is bad..:) I told him how impressed I was with his act because its rare one.

One eventful day worth sharing on this blog :)


prax said...

what i find intriguing is that a lady (who im assuming didnt know u) was actually offering a lift !

Satyadarshini said...

Yeah even though she was trying to help and she being a lady but it was strange. My husband after this incidnet has warned me like dont even trust women..! :)

jassi said...

Such is the world that we are conditioned to NOT belive anyone can do anygood, for anyone!