Friday, March 16, 2007

Fear me? :-)

You cant evade me.
Try you may in reality
not in your dreams
0r your wakeful thoughts

Why run from me, why fear me?
I am the one you loved
the one You held
I dont mean harm

We dont need each other
We never did
We never would
Who needs any one anyway?

Love has no future
it has no past
its not about passion
Why care whats it about?

Give me your fear
and I give u this gift
Wrapped in this wish
life be happy for you
whatever road you choose


Mudit said...

nice try.. kinda jump start.. way to go didi :)
keep trying!!

Sravan Marella said...

Hey Wow Didi...Nice poem.....I liked it thouroughly.....

whencatrawman said...

Love has no future
it has no past.

Well. * sounds of claps *