Friday, June 22, 2007

Losing and Love!

I am sobbing in agony as we part, my vision is blurred yet the picture is as bright and clarion as daylight. "I got to go" I say. You would kill me for it but I say what I have to say.

Losing each other is equitable, condignly punished by pain, love to be smothered, we need to go ahead. Like a cruel parent to a kid, we ought to make those harsh decisions.

"Can we be friends?" I ask..."Friends?" You look at me, a newfound enemy making an outrageous statement...I imagine you reaching for your sword again :)

As I look back today reminiscing over the romantic and passionate days, I can see the softness in our eyes, the warmth, the promised kisses...the hugs from the distance. There is a feeling of loss but also a feeling of victory. Mastery of the senses, an escape from perdition to a life beyond one's desires.


Prax said...


Shy Machete said...

hmmm :-) ur style of writing is changing... im glad your experimenting with your posts.

Satyadarshini said...

Thanks Prax :)

Shyma, yeah I get inspired by some great writers....hehee :)
Thanks :)

Ankit said...

i love your writing.. its pretty amazing! will surely be here more.. :)