Friday, February 01, 2008

Its all about relationships!

A chat with friend on gtalk about relationships, this one at her workplace...we both realized at the end what we gained by this conversation...check this out:

friend: i spoke to my manager.. and i think things are good between us
me: wow
what does that mean?
all good now
friend: i just told him that i should n't have been rude to him and stuff
me: and ...
friend: and he was like its ok .. things like that happen and stuff
me: oh
friend: i am quite relieved that i have it off my chest
me: yeah
I know what it means to u
congrats...these are the achievements of life..more than money and fame..
friend: now i can concentrate on my work...
me: yeah
friend: yeah very true
me: and it opens doors
to money and fame
after clearing these blocks
friend: hehe.. good one
me: :)
friend: u should put that one on ur blog


Amys said...

sometimes straight talk helps clear the misgivings and wrong assumptions.. it has always helped and I have always tried to reach out the person.. and ur friend is true when he says that "relieved that I have it off my chest".. interesting conversation :)

Satyadarshini said...

yes true...always use that technique
But sometimes its so difficult to get into doing this..:)