Friday, February 29, 2008

Om Tat Sat - ॐ तत् सत्

I forgot a shloka I caught on a year back and I searched my blog to get the words rights. I am glad this blog is a good repository :). Well, that reminded me I wanted to post this hymn “Om tat sat” by Vinobha Bhave. All these years I have been singing this and I had no clue who was the author. Today while I googled on this, I was surprised to learn that it was written by Vinobha Bhave and now when I search the archives in my memory, I faintly remember my teacher mention this.

...And here you go:

ॐ तत् सत् श्री नारायण तू
पुरुशोत्तमा गुरु तू
सिद्ध बुद्ध तू स्कंद विनायक
सविता पावक तू
ब्रह्म मज़्द तू यह्वा शक्ति तू
इशू पिता प्रभु तू
रुद्र विष्णु तू राम कृष्ण तू रहीम ताओ तू
वासुदेव गो विश्वरूपा तू
चिदानंदा हरी तू
अद्वितीय तू अकाल निरभय अत्मलिंगा शिव तू

Listen to it:

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Amys said...

nice tweety message.. quoting it somewhere.. feel enlightened everytime I read something from u:) Thanks!!

Satyadarshini said...

Thanks...same here when I read ur blog...
I was planning to put a comment there abt how I am such a big fan of ur blog..and u know even tho I dont put so many comments there...I feel so connected to the person you are...!!!

Veena said...

Satya ji,

how come I am not able to listen to this song..

The widget just hangs..

Satyadarshini said...

Try clicking on the "Track details" and then play it
Its a good one..dont miss it :)

Veena said...

Hey Satya!

Ye bhajan tho hamare school me bhi bhajta tha..

few of my other favorite bhajans -
hey ram , hey ram - jagjit singh
vaishnav jan tho - Sri Narsinh Mehta

jaijee said...

This one touches my soul...never heard before and never knew of it.

For past 5 months I have been humming "Itna to karna swami, jab pran tan se nikle' by Anup Jalota and now I have something else to hum.