Thursday, August 27, 2009

Convenient Love

You say you love & I too do
do we really mean those words
Is it just let we feel good
do we ever feel from the heart
do we give any damn for that
for its just a convenient love

I sometimes want to walk away
there is a freedom from pain
I can see my heart needs more
And it could be gone in a day
but I dont want to hurt again
for its just a convenient love

I think hard and let it be
let the moments be as it is
why worry and fret for me
tho the outcome is so unsure
but why run from being hurt
bcos its love and beyond me


VATS said...

hmm... i guess i understand wat u mean.
jas scared dat i dont end up having d same feeling n get into some convenient love :)

Satyadarshini said...

yeah needs authenticity...whatever be the relationship!
Ask me I believe that anything I do needs to be intense..cant be superficial

Amrita said...

"I love you" sounds great right? Especially if it's said by some one who means a lot to you:) I guess the words have an exemplary musical feel and often evoke an inexplicable, enigmatic emotion somewhere in the depths of the heart. It stirs your heart strings, tugs at your emotions and moves your soul. The person on the receiving end of these words may go through a gamut of sensations. Some may blush all shades of pink (if it is from their love :)), some may turn scarlet (if it is from a person they least expected it), some might turn white for a moment and then turn red (if it is from a person they hate :P ) and others (me too :)) may simply feel wonderful without any colorations on their face for they expect to hear it, time & again :)

Satyadarshini said...

So sweet....u wrote such a lovely post...thanks !!
I like you and the way you relate to love, its so simple and genuine....! :)