Thursday, October 15, 2009

Light my life

Is it true that you are with me
it'll take a lifetime to sink in
Can you explain, who are you
and why are you here so close

I can feel it and see it too
its so warm and cozy with you
living and dying everyday
a dream so lovely & beautiful

Dont I see it, you are here
carrying a flame in the heart
to burn and light my life
vanquishing all pain & sorrow

no anxiety about the future
its this very moment I live
there is no parting of ways
the flame burns for ever


Manish Chakravarty said...

Nice .. really nice!
Not in very artsy mood right now, so cant respond back with a crappy poem, But liked what you wrote

Nithin R S said...

A nice poem describing your feeling about your soulmate i guess.