Monday, October 12, 2009

WT'X' is love?

Murali (a friend best avoided but hard to ignore) says I am totally outta my mind and jobless..oh yeah, my reasoning: one needs to keep busy and the blog here I am with the insights from my survey on a small sampling of people on 'What the "whatever" is Love'

This survey doesn't give any reports or end results, it should actually not be called one. Its just a collation of well thought ideas:

Amrita: well how to define love...when it's the most simple & pure at one side...on the other its not easy to define love...cause you can only feel it...words are not enough to express that feeling...only the heart loves the heart knows what actually it is.
You are in love when you would rather not live life without the other person, when he or she is the first that springs to mind in happiness or grief; when the other person is a constant companion even in absentia and when sometimes your loved one's happiness takes precedence over yours.

Jassi: I dont
Jassi (after few hours): a friend of mine once said that, love is the purest form of emotional happiness

Arul: it is everything for holding on to letting go to giving space and taking space for one's self

Anonymous : which was there for ever there around & will remain for ever

Tim: there is only one relationship
and that relationship is only with u and only u
and if u can have a great relationship with u
then u get many lovers, be loved, be appreciated etc etc

Me: Love is the essence of life

Suresh Nair: True love is a feeling that there is NO difference between you and the person who you are loving. Like one soul and one body. But everybody in this world is unique. That is why it is difficult to find love in earth. But don't give up. Keep on looking everwhere. You may find that one day.

Manish Chakravarty: Love is the comfort of being with someone.

T Chendil Kumar: love is a feeling that activates all the senses, except the common sense !

Srini Jaltaru: love is little more than liking each matter what is the custom/religion/country, romantic love plays an important role, while cultural differences in how that love appears vary....the fact is that "romantic love exists" is undoubtful.


Sudha said...

The post is rich in both content and intent. It was a pretty good idea to present people's opinion on something as divine as love, through this post. I am aklso gonna b commenting on ur status in FB. :-)

Satyadarshini said...

@Sudha 'divine' is love....waiting for ur comment on FB

jassi said...

Where'd you learn about Satan-out of a book
Love?-out of a box

Jim Morrison.

Manish Chakravarty said...

You really are jobless..