Thursday, October 21, 2010

Falling out of love...

A friend got married very recently, I was glad that it happened eventually after a long wait. Lately though he has been seeking advice from me about a marital issue, I told him to meet a counselor. Learnt from experiences to keep away from trouble though I so want to help, I resist the temptation :)

He checked with me another day and well I gave in. He is sad that he has fallen out of love with his spouse and is confused how it could happen

Didn't answer it for a while and then gave some of my thoughts over it, the chat script as is:

love is not just about the initial attraction as most of us think it is..bcos the high levels of energy confuses us..the dizziness of falling in love makes us feel and want only that
but love is about the different phases...just sitting around doing nothing..
and u know
also falling out of love
is part of being in love
just a phase
bcos in marriage its abt falling in love with the same person again and again
its fun actually :)
so just accept it that its fine
how u feel now
just normal hai


Sarita Pandey said...

profound... :) did your arguments sooth your friend?

Satyadarshini said...

:) not really, it didnt help him fully. helped me tho...sometimes one gets a breakthru on a chat with someone..that happened to me..

Anonymous said...

I just know it now falling out of love is part of being in are already out but still in....amazing and marvelous feelings.