Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Have you tried living life by gratitude, every second filled with thankfulness.  It’s a new realm that is devoid of turbulence, anxiety, resentment and reprisal. The being is full of love, the world belongs to me and I belong to the world.

What is gratitude?  A simple "thank you" to our existence, to the beautiful life we have and the awesome human beings we meet.

A few days back I got pretty irritated after an online chat with a friend. She always has this overbearing attitude and trying to be very coaching in her manner. I was thinking of actually blocking her from my chat, just to save myself from getting peeved when I have to interact with her. I reflected over my reaction and was thinking of how bugging she can get. I thought though she isn’t so bad after all and reckoned the numerous ways she has helped me and been such a wonderful friend.  I softened and felt no anger.

I introduced this approach with any person I connected with, even more when I got upset or angry after the interaction. Everybody had something they had given me in life, every single soul I met felt so lovableJ.
The little things in life that we take for granted, the family and friends who are always there are never in our radar of gratefulness.  Ingratitude is the penalty we pay that results out of ignorance and a single focus on our individual advancements. We miss on the miraculous life and joyful relationships that can make our world beautiful.

Practice gratitude and reach out to more. Get abundance within your space and expand your universe to the limitless. 


Atrijit Dasgupta said...

Gratitude comes in many guises....Kahlil G said: "Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving." about gratitude.

Whereas, Dorothy Parker said gratitude is a mean and sniveling sentiment - because it goes hand in hand with envy, in the real world. People who are supposed to be grateful to you hold you in resentment.

Just as it takes more grace to take a gift than give one. So, it takes a lot of inner grace to show and accept gratitude but not overdo it.

Ta'fxkz said...

wow- you summed up a lot

Sarita Pandey said...

very well said, satya! deep and wise! i totally agree. there are days when it is not easy to be grateful, but everytime i express my gratefulness to the universe i feel so free, so light... everyone becomes beautiful, everything becomes meaningful, the pain disappears, peace sets in.

btw, who is this preachy friend? :P

Lamed Vavnik said...

I know i am reading your blog so late - after few years .. I came to your blog searching for the lyrics of - Shiva Panchakshara stotram. Started browsing your other blogs.

This Blog on Gratitude - is really interesting. I would like to add one more point - for what u had said - "Everybody has something they had given me in life ". For me, life as a summation of what all other people, animals, even the plant in our house had given into our lives. Right from my mother when i was born, the people who were around me for years, the unseen cow whose milk i had in child hood, that faceless farmer who cultivated the rice for me, the Sun, the moon, the air, water, the list goes on. A moment it takes to realise that the whole universe - all the lives in it (Be it in any form) are working towards my living. That moment, Tears of gratitude just flows - like it is happening for me now.

Thanks for making my heart feel the gratitude and the following blissful moments - Now. I owe you this moment in my life.

A humble thanks.