Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Love and Lust

Column by Sri Sri Ravishankar
Doubt cannot come where there is a sense of closeness. Doubt needs a distance to appear. You never doubt something that is dear to you, close to you.

In love even an object gains life. Stones speak to you, trees speak to you, the sun, the moon and the whole creation becomes alive, Divine. In lust even a living being becomes a mere object. You want to use even people like objects. Here are some salient attributes of love and lust. They are so different yet so close! If you find more
you may add to the list.

  • Lust brings tension. ~ Love brings relaxation.
  • Lust focuses on the part. ~ Love focuses on the whole.
  • Lust brings violence. ~ Love brings sacrifice.
  • In lust you want to grab and ~ In love you want to give and possess. surrender.
  • Lust says all I want you to have ~ Love says I want you to have is what I want. what you want.
  • In lust there is effort. ~ Love is effortless.
  • Lust causes feverishness and ~ Love causes longing and frustration. pain.
  • Lust imprisons and destroys. ~ Love liberates and sets you free.
  • Lust demands. ~ Love commands.
  • Lust gets you mixed up and ~ In love you are focused confused. and spaced out!!
  • Lust is only dark and monotonous. ~ Love has many modes and colours.

If someone's lust is interrupted they get angry and start hating. Hatred in the world today is not out of love, it is out of lust.

Love is playfulness and in lust there is cunningness and manipulation. Shiva, the embodiment of innocence and love was meditating. His meditation was disturbed by an arrow of flowers from the lord of lust. As soon as Shiva woke up he opened his third eye and the lord of lust, Manmatha (one who churns the mind) was reduced to ashes. Everybody celebrated by throwing colors on each other realising that life is full of colours.

We play many roles in our life. If all the roles get mixed up it becomes dark, like when you mix all the colours. The wise play each role distinctively side by side, like colors displayed side by side form a rainbow.

Jai Gurudev!! 


Angel said...

Thanks for posting this ,its my first time reading a comparison between love and lust...now i know!!!! hahaha....nice Sats...

Angel said...

Sats am copying the difference bet the love and lust...can i? Thank you...

Satyadarshini said...

Good that this knowledge is helping you :) Go ahead and copy it..it aint mine anyway :)