Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Arjuna's predicament

Sridhar is reading the Bhagavad Gita lately. I had started too a year back but havent read it completely. Yesterday we had discussions on some chapters in there so I got inspired to start catching up on its teachings.

Chapter 1,
verse 28: Arjuna said: O Krishna, seeing all these kinsman assembled ready for battle the limbs of my body are weakening and my mouth is drying up.

verse 29: My whole body is trembling my hair is standing on my end, my bow Gandiva is slipping from my hands and my skin is burning.

verse 30: O Krishna I am unable to keep myself composed, my mind is unsteady and I see dire indications of inauspicious omens

verse 31: O Krishna I do not see any good in slaying kinsman in this battle, nor do I desire victory, nor a kingdom or even happiness

verse 32-35: O Krishna, of what value is living for happiness if the for whom our kingdom, material pleasure and happiness is desired: preceptors, fatherly elders, sons; and grandfatherly elders, maternal uncles, fathers in law, grandsons, brothers in law and relatives are all present in the battle field ready to give up their kingdoms and very lives. O Krishna what to speak for the sake of earth, even for the rulership of the three worlds; in exchange for slaying the sons of Dhritarashtra what happiness will be derived by us?

verse 36: O Krishna by killing these aggressors sin will surely come upon us; therefore it is not proper of us to slay the sons of Dhritarashtra along with our family members; since how by slaying our own kinsmen will we be happy.

verse 37, 38: O Krishna although these men their hearts afflicted by greed do not see the sinful reaction in quarreling with friends and the crime of destroying family members; why should we not refrain from this sinful act understanding this greivous crime of destroying family members

verse 39: With the destruction of the family the spiritual traditions of the family perish forever; when spiritual values are destroyed then unrighteousness predominates the entire society.

verse 44: Alas, how strange it is that we have resolved to commit great sin. Just because of greed for royal luxuries we are prepared to slay our own kinsmen

verse 45: Even if the sons of Dhritrashtra armed with weapons in hands slay unarmed and unresisting on the battlefield that would be considered better for me

verse 46: Sanjaya said: This having spoken Arjuna cast aside his bow and arrows on the battlefield and sat down on the seat of the chariot his mind ovehelmed with deep sorrow

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