Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What are values?

Tim and I were discussing further and the discussion came upon values:

Tim says: "just the way i would see my so called decent friends with values"
I ask: "What are values?" (I knew Tim understands what I was heading to, because values is something defined by we humans. As my title of the blog, everything is the Truth, the right the wrong, everything :-) )

Anyways Tim replies: "values is something that is created by me/agreed upon in consensus with other, which is not really carved in the stone"

Oh that was beautiful way to put it.

And then further he says "which allways makes u fall flat on ur face"

We label, we define situations, people etc. We give meaning to everything and take it as Truth. But what is Truth? Its the meaningless approach to everything. Thats when we are able to see the Truth. As very well said in the Landmark Education "Forum":
"Life is empty and meaningless and its empty and meaningless that life is empty and meaningless"

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